An alleged domestic violence incident has caused the WNBA to suspend Los Angeles Sparks player Riquna Williams without pay. According to ESPN, back in December, the 29-year-old and her ex-girlfriend Alkeria Davis were involved in a violent altercation after Williams hit Davis in the head and pulled her by the hair. A police report shows that there was an unidentified man also at the location when the incident happened. His relationship with the women hasn't been revealed, but he was able to divide the two women and stop the argument.

However, the dispute reached its peak when Williams allegedly retrieved a firearm from her vehicle, pointed it at the man, and threatened to unload the weapon on him. Instead, she left the scene and the police were contacted. Months later, Williams was officially arrested on two charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and burglary with assault or battery. While detectives were conducting their investigation, the WNBA was leading their own probe, as well. Without announcing their findings, the league did share their choice of disciplinary actions.

"Based on the investigation, consultation, and a careful weighing of all the facts and circumstances, the WNBA determined that a 10-game suspension was appropriate," the WNBA said. "Among other factors, the WNBA took into account the nature and seriousness of the conduct at issue, including the involvement of a firearm."

The L.A. Sparks issued a statement of their own, saying, "As an organization, we abhor violence of any kind and specifically take domestic violence allegations very seriously. We will provide whatever resources we are allowed to help Riquna learn and grow from this unfortunate situation." The police investigation is still ongoing, so there are those that believe the league should have waited until the case was formally closed before executing any disciplinary decisions.