Kylie Jenner was born with the world at her fingertips thanks to the status of her famous family. Full credit to Kylie, she was able to use her connections wisely and eventually become a billionaire at a very young age. When you have over a billion dollars, you typically have the money to be able to afford very fancy things. Jewelry, cars, houses; they are all just a few signatures and card swipes away.

According to TMZ, Jenner is putting her billionaire status to good use and is now investing in some real estate in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles. She essentially bought herself a resort compound with 15,350 square feet of space and numerous dope features. While the asking price of the place was $45 million, she only ended up paying $36.5.

The entire house is just one floor and it features two guest apartments, a basketball court, gaming rooms, a home theatre, and even a gym. Simply put, this place is massive and if you're living there by yourself, you will certainly be getting lost in the home as if it is a maze.

Kylie is in the midst of building a home in Palm Springs and as of right now, she still has ties to Calabasas. Needless to say, L.A. life isn't too bad.