Kylie Jenner's not-so-hushed pregnancy saw the reality star take a step back from the limelight in a quasi-sabbatical sort of fashion. She was rarely spotted in public, and her social media accounts failed to address the one mystery that had satiated the public's appetite regarding her whereabouts and maternal status. 

However, just last month, Jenner confirmed the rampant tabloid fodder by announcing that she had given birth to her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott. Since then, the cosmetics mogul has been slowly liberating herself from her previous state of reclusiveness, posting images of her and Stormi to Instagram to proclaim her newfound motherhood.

Just yesterday, Kylie opened up a bit further with her eager Twitter followers, engaging in a question and answer session to address any concerns about her life. 

It all began when Jenner was asked to upload a video of Stormi laughing, to which she responded that her daughter has yet to exclaim such expressions just yet. 

Following this response, Jenner further acknowledged intimate questions about life with Stormi, providing short and honest admissions that have slowly demystified her once-guarded personal life. 

Jenner does admit that she and boyfriend Scott were convinced they were having a little boy, but were equally as elated with the news of a little girl.