Snacks. What is life without snacks? In quarantine, snacks seem to be even more of an essential -- we can't exactly go out on a late-night snack run these days, since many of our local stores have limited hours to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. So, that just means we need to make strategic decisions when we do our grocery store runs to ensure we've stocked up on the appropriate amount of snacks, let alone the right snack choices.

It seems young Kylie Jenner realized she was in dire of need of snacks when she ran out to grab a few things during the pandemic, without shoes, socks, and perhaps most surprisingly of all, without make-up (!). The celebrity was caught by the paparazzi in such a state, which of course, has resulted in the internet tearing her apart with various commentary about her appearance and just how different she looks, in comparison to her typically uber-tan, uber-done-up self.

On top of grabbing a bag of chips, it's reported that Kylie Jenner went to visit her best friend and IG celebrity in her own right, Stassie. The two later took matching photos poolside together.

Check out the photos below.