Kylie Jenner recently revealed the name of her first daughter, taking to Instagram to share the news with the general public. In an intimate photo posted to the social media app, Jenner's finger is seen intertwined with her newborn's, whom she calls Stormi. However, new reports are beginning to emerge that the young mother and her boyfriend Travis Scott had already decided on a name in advance of the baby's arrival.

According to TMZ, Jenner received a bounty of lavish gifts from upscale baby boutique Petit Tresor from family and friends before giving birth. However, one large alpaca blanket was gifted to the beauty mogul by one of her sisters that came with Stormi's name already embroidered on the ultra-luxe accessory in a bold black typeface. 

However, this piece was only one of many luxury items given to the mother-to-be at the time, with Caitlyn Jenner reportedly spending over $3,000 in swag on her newest grandchild. 

The items ran the gamut in prices, from $250 for a diaper bag, a $1,500 black and white stroller, to a $1,000 white rocking sheep fashioned from authentic sheepskin. Baby Stormi will have an arsenal of lavish playthings and accessories to ensure that she will be brought up in the most ostentatious manner possible, carrying on her family's affinity for finer things.