Kid Cudi's been one of the most influential people in the music industry. Aside from his own albums and music, his creative genius as a whole can be credited for the shift in hip hop in the late 00's/early 2010's. His debut album, Man On The Moon:The End Of Day, celebrated it's eight year anniversary five days a go. The rapper has gone on to influence the careers of Kendrick Lamar to Lissie To Travis Scott and more since his debut album. Another rapper that has been vocal about Cudi's influence has been KYLE. The rapper recently linked up with 88rising for their latest episode of "Karaoke Royale" where he did a tribute to Cudi.

88rising grabbed KYLE to venture into a Korean karaoke bar where he did two songs, one of his own and a cover of someone else's. KYLE chose to cover "Pursuit of Happiness" before diving into his own jam, "Nothing 2 Lose." The rapper has cited Kid Cudi as one of his influences and it's pretty evident within his music as well. He said he chose the song because it's one of his favorite songs and it helped him through a dark part of his life.

"Man, you know what. That song just got me just through a lot of tough times. I think Kid Cudi  has this special gift to make music that can pick somebody of from a super dark place and put them in this happy, awesome, positive Pickachu filled place." KYLE said, "And I always aspire to do the same thing. It almost taught me like why even I became a rapper in the first place."

As to be expected, KYLE gets a perfect score in karaoke and does the song justice. He did his thing in front of some Dance Dance Revolution type backdrop.

After he performed his cover, he sat down with the hosts to chat about Will Smith's movie, "Pursuit of Happyness", which he said is Will Smith at his peak. Afterwards, he went on to perform his own song "Nothing 2 Lose"

You could watch the full episode below:

Watch our recent interview with Kyle here: