Kurupt was recently in the headlines when he recalled a battle he and Snoop had back in his Death Row days. The rapper is joining forces with Snoop once again, as well as a more surprising collaboration with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, which will come to fruition on a collaborative album between the crew and his own Dogg Pound collective. Kurupt spoke with HHDX about the new collaboration, which he revealed would be know as Thug Pound.

“Right now we’re fixing to be working on a Thug Pound album with all of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and all of Dogg Pound,” said Kurupt. “…Snoop [Dogg], Daz [Dillinger], myself, Soopafly, Krayzie [Bone], Wish [Bone], Bizzy [Bone], [Flesh-N-Bone], Layzie [Bone], the whole ball of wax. These are new works.”

The project comes as a surprise, as the two crews had a well documemnted beef in the 90s, with both sides taking shot at one another in their lyrics. Kurupt insists however, that all that is behind them, and he now has a very good relationship with Bone Thugz, particularly with Layzie Bone.

“I found that a lot of times through disagreements you meet some of your best friends and family,” he said. “Me and Lazyie is like brothers. During the Death Row [Records] era, we were ready to tear each other apart. Now that’s one of my best friends. Layzie Bone is one of my best friends.”

Details are fairly scarce for the project, but when asked if the producer behind many of Bone Thugz biggest cuts would be involved, Kurupt was definitely open to the idea. “I ain’t talk to [DJ] U-Neek at all, but it’s just a work in progress. I’m definitely fucking with him.” 

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