Kurupt and Snoop Dogg have quite a history. The two were recently reunited in an edition of Snoop's web series, Double G News Network, and they spoke about their early days with Death Row. The west coast legends reflected on their past battling, specifically the time that the two went head to head.

Kurupt revealed that his battles were intense to the point that Death Row leader Suge Knight offered deals to anyone who could beat him.“I remember Death Row was giving out deals if you could serve Kurupt,” he said. “Remember we was out of town? Three niggas came up and these other two niggas. ‘Nigga if you can serve Kurupt, you can get a deal.’”

“Suge Knight was notorious for that,” Snoop confirmed.

On their own battle, the rappers described the event as a historical moment.

“So, when I bumped into you, I know I was fresh out of jail. I was turning to the Dogg,” Snoop began. “I had the brim on with the all black and gray coat. And I’m watching you serve all my homies…I’m laying up against the wall like a Chinese karate movie nigga. This nigga cutting everybody. He just dropping all the homies…We going at it like 45 minutes strong nigga. Whoever make it out of us two, nigga it’s our responsibility to put us back together again cause this is some magical shit.”

"He was freestyling, that's what through me off." said Kurupt, who was used to opponents coming with pre-written verses. Snoop replied with "I didn't know how to write a motherfucking thing, I was fresh out the joint!"

Watch the full episode of GCN below.