Kodak Black is enjoying life as a more-or-less free man, and seems set on continuing to expand his discography. This time, however, the rapper appears keen on avoiding any legal issues, keeping everything strictly by the books. That does, however, raise a few hoops through which Kodak must now leap.

TMZ reports that one of the terms of Kodak's house arrest is that the rapper must avoid associating himself with known felons. Unfortunately, many of Kodak's former collaborators, like Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, and Young Thug, all have rap sheets. Apparently, Kodak's lawyer Bradford Cohen is asking the judge to make an amendment to the house arrest terms, which would allow Kodak to record with rappers who may have a criminal past.

Overall, the whole better-safe-than-sorry is a good look for Kodak, who has previously displayed flagrant disregard for his house arrest terms. As of now, there's no word on whether the Judge will show leniency, but here's hoping he or she is a fan of the culture.