Kodak Black's history with the law has been well documented over the course of his career. By the time his career jumped off, he was already dealing with several legal other legal issues as well. Some of his legal drama has yet to be settled but he is taking the initiative to clear his name one case at a time. Recently, the Broward County rapper settled two separate cases within a matter of weeks of each other. 

Kodak Black has reportedly had two lawsuits held against him settled within two weeks of each other, The Blast reports. According to the documents they've obtained, Kodak just settled a case from 2016 after he decided to go on vacation after being scheduled for a performance in Florida. The promoters sought $100K from the rapper from the money he was fronted and the damages they claimed to suffer from due to his no show. Kodak reportedly gave back roughly what he was fronted as well as an additional $3K.

A few weeks prior, Kodak had also settled another case in his home state after being sued over a damaged BMW from a car financing company. At that point, Kodak allegedly coughed up $10K to settle the case with them. Both cases were filed for dismissal within the past two weeks.

Aside from his legal issues, Kodak Black's been dropping off a lot of new music since the year began. He has already dropped off three solo joints including yesterday's "Poetical G.