Kodak Black's intent was pure, but his delivery was slightly insensitive. Some fans are upset about the rapper's recent tribute to Kobe Bryant, which he posted on his twenty-fourth birthday. Getting his Tesla Model X decked out in purple and yellow while rocking a #24 jersey, Kodak showed love to the Los Angeles Lakers legend, celebrating his Mamba birthday in style. However, one major detail of his celebration was skipped by the masses: his custom-designed helicopter in Lakers colors.

After he revisited his birthday with new photos, fans started to call out Kodak for tributing Kobe with a custom helicopter, finding the move insensitive considering the basketball great passed away in a helicopter crash. While many are backing up the rapper on social media, pointing out that he obviously wasn't trying to be disrespectful, Kodak explained the move in his own words during a recent radio interview.

Speaking with 99JAMZ in Miami, Kodak explained himself, saying, "It was January 26, 2020 and I was in Oklahoma. I was still in prison. I heard about his unfortunate demise and stuff like that and I was already saying, man, when I come home, I'mma come home on a helicopter. Then I heard how he passed and I was like, damn that's crazy, maybe that's a sign not to jump on the helicopter 'cause, you know, he's KB and I'm KB. Kobe Bryant, Kodak Black, all that crazy stuff."

Kodak's helicopter tribute has caused him some obvious backlash but the rapper has remained tight-lipped, aside from this explanation. Watch the video below.