Kodak Black's year hasn't been going as well as most hoped for. The rapper's home was raided earlier in the year and he caught guns and weed charges. However, the rapper managed to get those charges dropped after taking a plea deal with the prosecutors for two probation violation charges. The rapper was sentenced to one year behind bars and is expected to be out by the fall. However, the police seemed to have taken a lot of things from his home from the raid and it sounds like he wants it back.

Kodak Black claims the police took a bunch of stuff from his home during the home raid and he's now asking them to return it to him, TheBlast reports. According to documents they've obtained, the police took a whole bunch of music from his house upon his arrest such as "record awards off the walls, art off the walls, brand new Apple computers and hard drives containing original music.” In addition, he says the police also took "gold and diamond medallions" and about $28K in cash. 

At this point, the judge has yet to rule whether he will be getting his items back nor is it clear if he'll be dropping music from behind bars. Last time we heard, the rapper was recording verses over a prison phone