Michael Rapaport will often insert himself, or show up to the party uninvited, unannounced. Whatever the situation calls for, you can bet on Rapaport bringing his own material to the Meadowlands. He's a classic Noo Yawk loudmouth with roots in the culture, so it doesn't take much to get him riled up, especially if you touch on one of his sacred altars.

Last I heard, Rapaport was mad at Kodak Black for asserting himself over Tupac and Biggie on the all-time list. In response to those claims, Rapaport told Kodak Black to,  "get the fuck outta here with that crazy shit," while insisting that his delusion was akin to a rec leaguer comparing himself to an NBA player.

Inevitably word got around to Kodak Black, who then decided that last night's concert at The Warfield in San Fransisco was the appropriate time and place to file his retort. "I love my crackas, now," he started ranting unexpectedly between song. "But y'all tell this dumb ass cracka stop playing with me, man. For real, stay out of Black folk business for one. Then tell him go listen to my album. Then after he go listen to my album tell him suck a baby dick."

Then in one swift motion, Kodak Black resumed his set, turning his attention to "Roll In Peace," ironically the next song on his setlist. He's yet to renege on his unpopular opinion, and that's how it should remain for the immediate future, now that Kodak has deactivated his Instagram account, limiting him to a game of messenger tag with the fans attending his concerts.