Ever since the Golden State Warriors lost in the NBA Finals to the Toronto Raptors, people have been saying that their dynasty is finished. Kevin Durant is no longer on the team, while Klay Thompson will be out with an ACL injury all the way until at least February. Meanwhile, Andre Iguodala is no longer on the team and there is a perceived lack of depth on the bench. Despite all of these criticisms, Thompson believes the Warriors are still in a great position to continue being the best team in the league moving forward.

"To say the dynasty is over is a little ignorant because I'm going to come back better and even more athletic," Thompson explained via ESPN. "It would not be smart to count the Dubs out."


Thompson also spoke about how the team recently added D'Angelo Russell who will help fill the backcourt while Thompson is injured. The Warriors star believe Russell is a huge addition to the team and will help them continue their championship ways.

These comments shouldn't be too surprising though as you would expect Thompson to be confident about his own squad. The Warriors have been dominant for the last five years and they still have pieces that can lend to a successful franchise. Either way, it will be interesting to see how their upcoming season plays out.