Last year, Juelz Santana found himself serving twenty-seven months in prison for possession of a firearm and controlled dangerous substance at an airport in New Jersey. With his upcoming release set to take place in 2021, Juelz has already missed the birth of his newborn son, a fact he lamented in an emotional Instagram post: "I got to hold my boy for the first time today... bitter sweet! I didn’t get to see his birth, and I know there’s a few more special moments that I’ll miss but I promise to make up for lost time!! Daddy loves you more than you’ll ever know!"

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

While that's certainly a decent chunk of time to be spending behind bars, Santana is blessed to have a sturdy support system waiting for him. His wife Kimberly Vanderhee, known as Kimbella, has been holding down the fort in his absence. In true ride or die fashion, Kimbella took to Instagram to provide an update on Santana's mindstate, which seems to be focused on strengthing his physical form.

"My husband has been working out!!" writes Kimbella, in a brief Instagram update on the Dipset rapper. "Twice a day sometimes 3 times a day, sheesh! I can not wait until he’s home with us! Daddy will be home soon! Thank you for your love & support during this difficult time!"  Keep your head up, Juelz.