Juelz Santana has checked into prison to begin his bid, The Blast reports. The rapper checked into the federal system to start his 27-month prison sentence for weapons charges related to the Newark Liberty International airport incident last March where he fled after TSA discovered guns in his luggage. 

Fernando Leon/Getty Images

Juelz is now registered as an inmate at Petersburg Medium FCI -- a medium security correctional facility in Hopewell, Virginia. The rapper's records list that his release date is unknown, although he's said to be released in 2021. 

The rapper turned himself after getting his surrender date pushed back by a month. The rapper was initially supposed to turn himself in to begin his sentence on Jan. 31st. He requested that a delay on his surrender date in order to attend the Love & Hip-Hop reunion in Georgia. That also sparked a bit of controversy after Juelz name dropped Tyler Perry in his request. However, Perry later denied claims that he had anything to do with pushing back Juelz surrender date.

In the months leading to his sentencing, Juelz Santana tried to get as much work as possible in. While out on bond, he got the judge's approval to tour with The Diplomats. The Harlem group released their first album in 14 years, Diplomatic Ties in November before releasing their documentary on TIDAL earlier this month.