When you've got a schedule as packed as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, you've just got to get your Z's anywhere you can. In the past, we've been blessed with snaps of Ye catching some shut-eye in the middle of a store, during a studio session, and more. It's become somewhat of a tradition that each year, we get at least a few photos of the legendary rapper snoozing in public. It may seem creepy but to be completely honest, we're pretty jealous of how Kanye can just fall asleep anywhere. In the latest addition to the saga, Kim Kardashian shared an image of her husband sleeping soundly in the backseat of the car.

While everybody was preparing for their Super Bowl parties, Kim and Kanye were in the car when Yeezy decided to bundle up and get some rest in the backseat. Being the reality star that she is, Kim posted a pic of her man while he rested since, you know, she pretty much shares every minute detail of her life. 

The couple recently announced that their fourth child is on the way via a surrogate. Their son is expected to be born in a few months. Until then, Kanye can use all the sleep he can get. He surely won't be resting much when their newborn comes to town.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images