At this point we’re all familiar with Kim Kardashian’s traumatic robbery in Paris, which she described on a prior episode. After such a horrifying incident, it’s understandable that Kim would experience some amount of post-traumatic stress. Apparently, Kanye recently triggered that stress accidentally.

In the clip below, Kim talks to her sister Kourtney about a night after Yeezy had a concert and came home very late, around 3am. This isn’t an unusual occurrence, but Kim says the rapper “came up the front stairs and all I heard were his feet stomping up the stairs.” He usually comes up the back stairs. 3am was also the time when the robbery happened, and the stress was too much for Kim K – she “totally freaked out.” To compound things, Kanye can’t hear very well after shows so he was unresponsive to his wife’s calls of “Hello, hello!”

He finally came upon Kim crying in bed with North West (who somehow fell asleep amidst her mother’s freakout). From now on, Kanye has to announce himself when he enters his home, which probably won’t be an issue for the outspoken artists.