Nobody is surprised by Kim Kardashian's revealing pictures anymore because it's now safe to say that she's left little to the imagination. Take her recent Kanye West snapped pic or even this morning's upload of her covering her breasts with her arm (see below).

Just yesterday we posted on the news that Kim Kardashian's latest KKW fragrance will come in a bottle shaped like the reality star's body. Today she follows up on the news showing off a part of her body that we haven' seen yet - her vagina. In her latest pic shared on Twitter, you can see Kim's bottom section and a pretty clear view of the top half of her private area. We're guessing the new perfume will be in the shape of her biggest asset.

The photo comes with a link to her fragrance website () that still doesn't have the new body-shaped fragrance. It seems as though Kim is trying to cause a Twitter frenzy before she officially drops her new scent - and it's working. The 37-year-old has received a lot of questions such as "what does a picture of your fanny have to do with selling perfume?" and one user telling others to "report this if you think its inappropriate."

Check out the image here and let us know what you guys think in the comments.