Killer Mike was among the guests invited to  The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night. The first order of business was to address his forthcoming Netflix series, Trigger Warning - where the Run The Jewels' member hopes to settle a few scored with the American public. The economy, gang culture, education and several articles of faith, will all be up for debate when series debuts.. Today.

Before settling on platitudes, Killer Mike took a moment to describe his inner-psyche as a model of faith he calls "The Church Of Sleep." His solution to many of the contentious issues tabled in his Trigger Warning series would be easily remedied if only the imaginary sidekick he created named Sleepy came to fruition. Killer Mike tried in jest to explain his figurative agenda.

"Jesus, the character in the Bible, is amazing. He’s a superhero, right? He fights injustice with the church; he rallies against government. … It'd be a great graphic novel. The only problem is that we don’t get our black Spider-Man," Killer Mike told Stephen Colbert while sitting in the hot seat. "For me, I think that, to raise a confident child in terms of divinity and matters of spiritualism, they need to see people who look like them or they need to see a deity who looks like them."

Killer Mike's portrayal of ulterior motives rivals only Wakanda. So without further ado, check out his abridged theory in the Colbert video recap (down below). Since the imaginative World of Wakanda works to better define the delegation of power in America, so can Killer Mike's new religion. Jokes aside, Trigger Warning looks like a goodie.