Killer Mike received a lot of backlash for his sit-down interview with NRA TV. From that perspective, Killer Mike's method of raising his children or his social awareness have come under fire, by observers who misperceived his general likability as reason enough to believe he was on their side of the gun debate. Well he's not, but it's hardly due to his character changing overnight. Killer Mike took a minute to disseminate fact from fiction.

Killer Mike wants to make a clear distinction between his support for gun ownership and support for the NRA. He believes the two positions are not mutually exclusive. In fact he's only guilty by association?

Killer Mike's conversation with gun rights activist Colion Noir also produced a memorable quote about social action. He feels that a lot of celebrities lend their support to causes considering the causal effect their pledge has on the the social issue at large, adding that "Celebrities are told what to do."

Killer Mike does not regret his decision to speak out publicly. He chooses to defend his claim to the second amendment, the fundamental right to keep and bear arms in the United States. He won't be drawn to either side.