Khloe Kardashian is usually known for speaking about self-love, reflection and owning her choices in life. it's rare for her to share any statements regarding political happenings, opposite to her sister Kim Kardashian who has had meetings with Donald Trump in an effort to alter the federal criminal justice system and ease minor prison sentences at the federal level. 

Khloe's latest share to her Instagram feed sees her endorsing some political moves surrounding her brother-in-law, Kanye West. Khloe posted a string of selfies and she's wearing a hat that reads "Kanye For President." The comment section resulted in some naysayers who questioned what Khloe was thinking.

"Usually you’re the smart sister. Tisktisk," one fan wrote, while another added: "Do you honestly think Kanye would be a good president...? Cause if that’s the case, lord help you!! PERIOD‼️" 

Back in October Kanye West met with Donald Trump for a very publicized conversation. "We have to bring jobs into America because our best export is entertainment and ideas," Kanye said at the meeting.

"But when we make everything in China and not in America, then we’re cheating on our country and we’re putting people in positions to have to do illegal things to end up in a cheapest factory ever: the prison system."