Khalid is one of the most famous artists in the entire world. His single "Talk" has been performing incredibly well on the charts, sitting near the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for much of this year. After he broke onto the scene a few years ago, the industry fully got behind the young crooner from El Paso and managed to create a star out of him, changing his life forever and giving him a platform to spread his beautiful sounds. With his soothing voice and approachable look, Khalid is a certified pop star. His style hasn't changed much since his debut but this week, he decided to play around with color a little, finding some blue dye and applying it to his high-top fade to switch things up a little. 

Joe Maher/Getty Images

The 21-year-old singer showed off the new look, which earned positive reactions from a number of his fans. Even his peers, like Benny Blanco, Blackbear, Tove Lo, and other musicians, commented on the picture to tell him he's looking fine. One fan suggested that he should dye his beard the same color, which may seem a little extra but if he's down with it, why not?

Are you feeling Khalid's cool new look or do you think he should revert back to his usual locks?