A few days ago, Kevin Spacey released a video of himself speaking to the camera as his "House of Cards" character, creepily telling the public to forgive him since he has not yet been proven guilty of his alleged disgusting crimes. This week, the actor appeared in court for his sexual assault case after he requested to skip out on the specific date. He ended up pleading not guilty to groping a young man at a bar and now his estranged older brother is speaking out about what he thinks of the entire situation.

Nicole Harnishfeger-Pool/Getty Images

During an interview on The Drew and Mike podcast, Randy Fowler, Kevin's older brother, compared the actor to their father. When asked if he was suggesting that Kevin was molested himself as a child, Randy responded, "Yes, I am now suggesting that. The facts do line up. I have photos of him and my father suggesting that - they have that look on each other's faces."

Fowler says that his own experiences as a child made him live most of his adult life in turmoil and shame. However, he suggests that Kevin actually enjoyed it and is using his "wealth, power and influence" to "lure his prey." He goes on to say that Spacey has become their father, who he calls a "creature."

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