It is fair to say Kevin Spacey has been blacklisted from the public sphere. As soon as it has been revealed that the former House of Cards lead was being accused of sexual assault and indecency, he was quickly fired from television shows, movies and related gigs. And as some of his accusers dropped charges against him and lawsuits pile up, Kevin Spacey continues to partake in antics and inappropriate behaviours. Last year. Spacey released a Christmas video on the evening of Christmas eve where he attempted to deliver a strange message wherein he urged people not to rush judgement on his groping case.

Today, TMZ reports on another video released by the shamed actor on this Christmas Eve. Herein, the actor slips into his role of Frank Underwood in the famed Netflix television series House of Cards. In the video, which you may view above, Spacey reminds viewers to "kill them with kindness." Additionally, the actor speaks on casting his vote for more good in this world and the positive changes he has made in his life amongst other things. Spacey also wishes his viewers a "Merry Christmas."The video is quite odd and makes us wonder about the purpose or intent underlying it.