Last year, Kevin Hart's major mistake was broadcast to the world when his wild weekend in Las Vegas resulted in a sex tape that led to him being extorted by his friend Jonathan Jackson. The culprit, who allegedly tried to blackmail Kevin by having the actor pay up a large sum of cash, was hit with two felony charges and now TMZ reports that Jonathan doesn't think he did anything wrong since he just had a "newsworthy celebrity sex tape."

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The publication details how Kevin's former friend denies any wrongdoing and says he didn't contact Kevin in a threatening way. According to Jonathan, he was contacted by someone who said they were a Hollywood sex tape broker and they wanted to pay him $10K. At first, Jonathan said he declined but then bargained for a higher price that eventually fell through. Jonathan thinks Kevin was the one who tried to buy the tape off of him and when the deal didn't work out, he cried extortion to make himself look like the victim. 

Jonathan wants his personal electronic data to be tossed from the criminal case and believes "facts" were made up to make him seem like the suspect. The case is still ongoing.