Kevin Hart's week has been difficult to say the least, following the ongoing updates concerning his sex video scandal. He has apologized publicly for his supposed misstep where his marriage vows are concerned on Instagram, but it hasn't seemed to matter so far. The paparazzi continue to hound both the actor/comedian and his wife, Eniko Parrish, who is currently pregnant with their child. Parrish has remained tight-lipped on the whole situation, but in a modest sign of happiness, the couple were seen together having lunch in Los Angeles yesterday (September 19th). Neither responded for requests to comment at that time.

Now, more details are surfacing about the woman who is reportedly responsible for the illicit tape and the extortion scheme in general. Her name is Montia Sabbag and, as we reported yesterday, she is a traveling stripper who currently lives in Long Beach, CA. She and Hart had supposedly met while he was in Las Vegas back in August and, according to a new update from TMZ, there are now pictures to prove this. The photos in question were shot at Marquee Nightclub at the Cosmopolitan hotel on August 19th, which syncs up with the alleged weekend when the material was filmed that ended up in the sex video. With her legs spread and Hart nuzzling her neck in an intimate way, these new pieces of evidence certainly won't help the big-screen star reclaim any public goodwill amid the scandal chatter online. You can view the photos below.

[Images via TMZ]

For her part, Montia is denying that she is the person to blame for the shooting of the much-talked about footage, but it's an stance that isn't holding up under too much scrutiny from law enforcement thus far. As per an earlier report, when Hart's team got in touch with her, the lawyer who's currently representing her stated that she wanted to be paid $420,000 before she would she sit for a lie detector test. If that doesn't set off alarm bells to the prosecution, then this will: she also supposedly tried to get a media outlet to pay $15 million for the video in its entirety.