Kevin Hart, like most of the Hip Hop community, found much relief in the official reconciliation between Drake and Meek Mill. The comedian reflected on the journey his friends went through and shared his insight with his social media following.

He uploaded a photo of Meek embracing Drake at his show, accompanied by a lengthy caption. Hart starts by acknowledging how his witnessing this type of feud is a rarity. 

"One of the few beefs that I was actually in between....I tried my hardest to make this moment happen earlier....I stepped away from it and honestly prayed that these men could see the bigger picture and that picture is that we are stronger together....There is enough money and success out here for all of us. We dont need to beef to win...we need to band together and figure out new ways to win more!!!!"

He encourages the idea of building something unique and undeniable over the destruction of peers, as future generations depend on positive blueprints.

"YOUR YA OWN COMPETITION....make a lane and destroy that lane with individual success. A man/woman that's worried about what another man/woman is doing ain't focusing on being the best man/woman that they can be!!!! I'm so proud of my brothers @champagnepapi & @meekmill"