Just one day ago, Kevin Hart was the one shelling out the roasts. Today though, he's getting shredded in the comments section for a throwback photo of himself and his wife in their underwear. The comedian loves to spice up his social media pages with some unexpected flavor every now and again. In the past, Nick Cannon has gone after him for his Tommy John collaboration, trolling him for an underwear picture in bed. Now, the rest of the world is joining in because Hart just posted a shot of himself and his wife and it's pretty freaking sus.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

The star rocked a pair of navy blue boxer briefs and he leaned against his wife to show off his bulge, which many are pointing out in the comments. "Thats right KEV!! put it on her leg," wrote one fan. Another asked if he had stuffed a pair of socks in his undies. One thing is for sure, nobody asked to see this from the famed actor.

"Wait until you see what we have coming your way...My new underwear line Tommy John X Kevin Hart is insane along with our lounge wear," wrote the comedian, teasing some big things in the future. This is one way to sell some underwear...