Kevin Hart has a serious amount of cash on the line after the actor has reportedly been sued for failing to pay commission on a big marketing deal. According to The Blast, iGo Marketing & Entertainment is coming after the Night School actor for not following up on his end of a deal that involved "marketing and celebrity tie-in deals" on Kevin's behalf. 

Apparently, the guy who made the contract is claiming that he was to receive 15% on any deal negotiated for the actor that involved partnerships with "Miller-Coors, Coke-Zero, Vitamin Water, Electronic Arts, two deals with Caesars Entertainment, the Cosmopolitan Hotel and a deal with Verizon Wireless." Kevin was said to have kept this promise until a deal came around with Rally Healthcare in 2015.

iGo claims they secured a deal with Kevin and Rally that would give Kevin payments in cash and stocks. When Kevin reportedly canceled the deal, he thought it meant he had to stop paying commission, but that wasn't the case where he's said to have stopped paying "15% on the third year option of the deal or for the value of the stock option."

He is now being sued for breach of contract and the plaintiff wants no less than $1.8 million. Kevin has counter-sued the company for using his name and fame for marketing and is demanding the lawsuit be dismissed.