Kevin Hart is going to add a touch of big screen refinement to his largest-than-life profile as a do-it-all comedian. The comic turned top billing actor is poised to test his mettle in a slightly more stoic role. Bear in mind the cast he is joining is centered on a remake of a French buddy-comedy called The Intouchables. The American remake undertook by director Neil Burger, will star Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston in the role of a wealthy paraplegic man in need of home care assistance.

The turning point of the movie occurs when Cranston's character is assigned a semi-reformed criminal played by Kevin Hart, in the caretaker position. In the likeliest of patterns, the odd pair develops a fondness for one another, and before long the script turns into a running gag reel of heartfelt platitudes.

The remake incorporates the bilateral racial plotline contained in the original. A person of color (Hart) with an ableist way of seeing the World is confronted with a whole new conception of right and wrong. Conversely, the wealthy White guy (Cranston) is expected to rethink his own attributional biases, most of which are centered on race. The subject appears to have been handled in a subtle "not-so-heavy" manner.

The remake titled The Upside will hit theaters on January 11, 2019. Check out the trailer below.