If you're following Kevin Gates on social media, you've definitely seen the 34-year-old rapper pop up on your feed with a huge smile on his face, hanging out with his family or just going about his daily routine.

As of late, he's been uploading 30-minute videos that show him in the car, in the store, and more, just living his life and showcasing his newfound happiness. He's really gotten his life in order, getting in shape and spending more time with his wife and kids post-prison, removing the toxic elements from his old being. After The Shade Room posted one of his latest updates, he stepped into the comments section to explain just why he's got such a positive aura to him these days.

"@theshaderoom All praise to the most High God Allah, for the first time in my life i can smile," said Kevin Gates, which is truly heartwarming to read. "I am Free, I’m not in the streets anymore - I’ve suffered and I’ve paid severely, but I’ve never folded under pressure to be aware is to be alive I’ve witness things that the strongest could not stomach, I have had family and friends turn against me, but throughout it all still I stand I love you all- I challenge you to live -I challenge you to do something you never thought about doing -I challenge you to choose happiness over depression in closing I come as I leave - Upright, Independent, and Fearless, #KhazaComingSoon #HaveABeautifulDay #CarryOn."

In our recent cover story with Gates, the rapper detailed the beginning of his journey toward happiness. If you're a fan of his, we encourage you to give it a read here.