There have been a few tales of Kevin Gates and alleged extramarital affairs. Months ago, a video circulated online that allegedly showed Gates having sex with an unknown woman. The happily married rapper often speaks about his love for his wife, Dreka Gates, openly, so it caused the public to question just why he would reportedly cheat on her. Over the years, Gates has been the subject of infidelity rumors, and on Friday (September 4), an Instagram user seemingly called him out once again.

Dreka Gates, Kevin Gates, Muslim, Multiple Wives, Sex Tape
Randy Shropshire / Stringer / Getty Images

Over on Instagram, Kevin Gates posted a photo of himself with a few words of wisdom for his followers. "I take no mere Mortal as opposition - For the LandLord is He who possesses the True Birth Rite for Him I am and I Am Him - don’t let that go over your head Beloved - for we know what you think!!! - again I repeat #iMNotHuman #CarryOn."

A woman commented, "REAL MEN DON'T CHEAT!" once again bringing up those salacious rumors. Gates took a moment to respond and began by sharing an eye roll emoji. "No Muslim men don't cheat because we are allowed to have more than one wife although on is preferred #CarryOn." His response caused some to question how many wives Gates may have. Check out his post below.