Kevin Gates has always been one of the more interesting and entertaining artists out there. Whenever you put him in front of a camera, you know he's going to say something bizarre or headline-worthy. His unorthodox way of thinking has led to some pretty hilarious moments and he's still racking up viral moments to bless his fans with. On the music side of things, Gates continues to impress as his songwriting has improved with every single new project.

These days, however, Gates has been at home escaping the virus while also hanging out with his wife. Recently, Gates decided to do something for his queen as he purchased a brand new pet. No, he didn't get a cat or dog. He didn't even get a fish or may some type of lizard. Instead, Gates went out and bought her a baby goat.

Baby goats and just goats, in general, are typically kept as barn animals or even sometimes petting zoo animals so we imagine owning one could lead to some problems later on down the line. They can't exactly be kept in the same fashion as a dog so it will be interesting to see if the goat lasts in the Gates household.