Rap concerts have a bad reputation with critics of the genre who claim that they have rowdy crowds at venues. The mischief that takes place at the enormous rock, metal, or country concerts is ignored but when trouble occurs at a rapper's concert it is used by critics to insult the genre. This weekend, the critics were given more ammunition for their arguments.

Saturday night (March 9) was a hectic one for Kevin Gates. The "Change Lanes" rapper was in Corpus Christi, Texas, giving the crowd an immaculate performance when gunshots ended the night early for fans. According to TMZGates was performing at the Concrete Street Amphitheatre and was close to the conclusion of his concert around 11:30 PM local time when gunshots rang out. The crowd began to flee in terror and Gate's security came and pulled him off the stage after he tried to keep performing. He would not return to finish the show.

Police were already at the concert when the shots were fired. They investigated the situation and discovered that the gunshots came from a neighboring development adjacent to the theater. No one was injured during the incident.