Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the NBA and in the eyes of some fans, he's the best in the entire league. What tends to make KD stick out amongst his peers, is just how sensitive he can be, especially when it comes to comments from fans. There have been numerous occasions where Durant has been caught getting into spats with fans online and a few years ago, he was even discovered for having burner accounts which remains one of the funniest NBA stories of the last decade. 

In a recent string of Twitter replies, Durant went back and forth with a fan about the greatest of all-time debate. The fan suggests that Durant is a better player than LeBron and that because of this, he should be considered as one of the GOATs. Durant took exception to this essentially saying he doesn't care about being the best to ever do it.

Durant's admission that he doesn't care about being the best ever is kind of a surprising one. You would think a player of his caliber would be driven by being better than everyone else. Perhaps his biggest goal is to win as many titles as possible although if that were the case, he probably would have just stayed in Golden State.

What do you think of Durant's comments?