Kevin Durant recently gave a massic interview to J.R. Moehringer of the Wall Street Journal and there have already been some pretty huge headlines revealed from it all. Perhaps some of the biggest storylines so far are that Durant felt as though Steve Kerr's offense could only go so far and that sometimes, he hates the NBA. Durant also explained how he detests the Oklahoma City Thunder and how he'll never forgive them for how he was treated once he left for Golden State.

In true Durant fashion, the whole piece reads as though the two-time NBA champion feels like he's been wronged by every single person in the league. Everything is the fault of other people and he will make sure everyone remains well aware of that, no matter what. It's somewhat sad to see a player with Durant's talent care so much about what other people think about him but then again, it kind of adds to KD's allure. If it weren't for his sensitivity, there wouldn't be much else to say about him.

In the immediate aftermath of the interview's release, fans took to Twitter to blast Durant for his comments. As you would expect, Durant made sure to respond to these trolls in the only way he knows how. No burner accounts to see here, just KD in all of his glory.