Kevin Durant's history with the Golden State Warriors has been well-documented over the past few years and this past summer, it seemed as though things hit a bit of a climax when Durant decided to leave and signed with the Brooklyn Nets. Over the past week, Durant's issues with the Warriors were brought to the public as he spoke about everything from Steve Kerr's offense to not fitting in with the team.

During a recent interview, Steph Curry said he had nothing but love and respect for KD and that everything was good between them. According to Jalen Rose of ESPN, this isn't exactly the case and his eyes, there is still tension between the two parties. Rose gave his in-depth breakdown of the situation on a recent episode of Jalen & Jacoby.

“There is some tension there because he would have stayed,” Rose said. “So anything that gets said after that, you don’t have to put a question mark. There’s a period. He left. Final. And why do you leave a team that you make three straight NBA Finals with, you’re the Finals MVP twice, you get injured the third year, and everybody knew he was leaving the entire time.”

Once Durant comes back to play for the Nets in a season from now, their matchups against the Warriors will certainly make for some entertaining basketball and we honestly can't wait.