On Wednesday night, the Oklahoma City Thunder hosted the Golden State Warriors in Kevin Durant’s second return to his old city & franchise, and this time around Russell Westbrook and the Thunder got the best of them.

The Thunder jumped on the Warriors from the jump and never looked back, having gone up 26 points at one point in the game. While the game was pretty much outta reach the entire time, it was still a can’t-miss viewing event as point guard Russell Westbrook put on quite the show against his old friend & now rival KD.

Westbrook was an assist short of a triple-double, recording a game-high 34 points and 10 boards. He scored 17 of his 33 points on Stephen Curry as his primary defender. But aside from his dominance on the court, Russell is also making headlines for getting into a heated exchange with KD in the 3rd quarter.

The two actually started jawing in the first half, when Westbrook bumped into Durant near the endline toward the end of the second quarter and the two exchanged words, but it wasn’t until the 3rd quarter when tempers would flare.

Westbrook was guarding Durant on the right wing and he almost stole the ball, slapping it out of bounds. The two began jawing at one another and inching closer. Soon, they were forehead to forehead, talking trash.

Durant could be seen saying, "You're a p—y,” while Westbrook responded with "You're soft.”

The crowd went crazy, loving every minute of it. The referees allowed the two players to exchange verbal taunts without issuing double techs either. Moments later, Warriors coach Steve Kerr and Green were hit with technicals.

After the game, there were no handshakes exchanged between the two teams. Anthony, George and Raymond Felton waved their hands out of respect in the direction of the Warriors' bench before heading back to the locker room.

Check out the heated exchange between Russ & KD (below) and peep some of the highlights from Russ while you’re at it. That guy was super human Wednesday night.