Yesterday's Hangout Music Festival in Alabama was headlined by none other than Kendrick Lamar who has embarked on an extensive touring schedule with the Championship Tour bringing TDE's finest across the country in style. With SZA also present at the festival, Kenny's label was represented well throughout the line-up and the Black Panther soundtrack curator decided to have some fun during his set. With crowds known to get a little rowdy when "m.A.A.d. city" blares on the stadium's sound system, Kendrick invited a fan onto the stage to help him out with the popular track.

The spectator, a white woman named Delaney, started out eager to get on the mic, asking when they can get started. A once in a lifetime opportunity for many to hop on stage with Kendrick Lamar, Delaney certainly made her appearance notable and memorable, blurting the "n-word" during the chorus to the well-known song multiple times. The crowd was audibly upset that she had failed to censor herself and Kendrick generously gave Delaney a chance to redeem herself with a do-over. After asking Kendrick if she's "not cool enough for him," the Compton rapper asks her to bleep one single word out, to which she nervously takes a step back at. During her second attempt, Delaney fails to stay on the beat, letting nerves take advantage of her and letting down Kenny as he shut down her performance swiftly.

According to her, she's simply "used to singing it like [Kendrick] wrote it" but even in her second try, she seems uncomfortable with the song itself and fails to accomplish a simple task. Check out the video below.