Kendall Jenner is probably shaking in her boots and we completely understand why. The 23-year-old model filed a restraining order against her stalker John Ford after he scaled a mountain to get to her poolside. John only served half a sentence for the creepy behavior and for breaking into Kendall's house but at the top of the month, the model's worries went away when he was deported back to Canada. 

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Still, the restraining order remains but things are up in the air since John if missing and police cannot locate him. John was sent back to Toronto, Canada when he was caught in Mexico and TMZ reports that his family and friends are unsure of his whereabouts. Apparently, the last time law enforcement spoke with him was when he was dropped off at the city's airport. 

Of course, there's a fear of him trying to make his way back into the states, specifically Los Angeles to see Kendall. It would be quite hard for John to make his way past border control but if by chance he does, Kendall and her team are on high alert.