As she promotes her new film Pimp, Keke Palmer has been doing her media rounds in the last few weeks. The film sees her starring as a lesbian pimp trying to escape the business and navigating a difficult agenda. The actress' name was brought up after Drake released "In My Feelings." The accompanying challenge only helped to make the song even more popular with everybody asking if Keke actually loves them. Palmer was one of the women that fans believe inspired the lyrics of the track. Unfortunately, Palmer is not the subject of the tune and she's pissed that it even exists.

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

"I used to love Drake until he took my name and made it mainstream," said Keke during an interview with Build. Before the song was out, Keke was certainly not a popular name. You can only imagine how many people will be naming their children after "In My Feelings" now. "So now, I'm done with Drake," she admitted with a smile on her face. "I'm so over it. I was too mad like 'really Drake? Really?'"

Before Scorpion, nobody was calling themselves Keke. It only makes sense that Palmer would be a little shaken up over it all. Do you think she'll hold the grudge forever?