If you're looking for a modern-day rag to riches story, you don't have to look far. Tyler Perry grew up abused by relatives and was homeless while pursuing his dreams. Perry built his career from the ground up, brick by brick, and now he's a billionaire with his self-owned empire. His philanthropy and charitable work has been praised globally, and the media mogul has set the blueprint for others who believe that they can't achieve success because of their backgrounds. Actress Keke Palmer gave a nod to Tyler Perry on Twitter and stated that she wanted to mirror his moves, but for some reason, her tweet was met with backlash.

Keke Palmer, Tyler Perry, Twitter
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

"I want to be like Tyler Perry when I grow up. He’s like a modern Walt Disney," the multihyphenate entertainer stated. "I love Tyler Perry. Period. He has inspired me so hate on him if y’all want but he’s done incredible things and literally came from NOTHING. His movies triple what they were made for and he HAS HIS OWN LOT."

People began to send Keke Palmer tweets about Perry building his legacy by impersonating Black women and not including Black women in the writing room for his shows about their struggles. "This social media trend of trying to literally criticize everyone to the bone is not fun nor cute. People aren’t perfect, you’re never gonna like ALL of everything. NEVER," said Keke.

"You don’t have to throw out the baby with the bath water. You can like some things about someone and dislike others, it’s possible for someone to be flawed and still be beloved," she added. "And in pure Virgo fashion. I don’t care if you disagree because you don’t exist."