Kehlani's journey to motherhood has been a very beautiful life event to share with her adoring fans. The "Honey" singer surprised many when she shared a photo of her pregnant frame in October detailing how she's finally achieving one of her goals of being a mom. So far we've been lucky to see Kehlani's growth in the last few months alone and her latest photo shows that her glowing figure is still going strong. 

Kehlani posted a trio of pics to her feed with a caption that reads "my mama said imma regret it if I don’t take more pictures" - check them out below.

Kehlani previously chatted with Nylon magazine about her daughter who she's so excited to meet and shared advice she will give to her baby. 

"Listen to her heart. Be gentle with herself because she is going to make mistakes. Be fearless, but even if she does get completely engulfed in fear at times, it does not in any way make her weak. She will grow up knowing compassion is a gift. I will remind her that she is whatever she wants to be, and that sometimes that changes. I have a feeling she will be giving me a lot of advice when she is 23. She will be better than me in any and every aspect. I can’t wait to learn from her."