NBA fans everywhere are starting to grow impatient as they await the news of where Kawhi Leonard will play basketball next season. It is believed that he is in the midst of choosing between the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, and the Toronto Raptors. After coming off a championship-winning campaign with the Raptors, some feel as though he should run it back for another year, while others think he should go and create a superteam with the Lakers now that he has nothing more to prove.

Regardless of what you believe or what you're hoping for, there is no denying how important his decision is for the league. On ESPN's Get Up! this morning, insider Adrian Wojnarowski spoke about Leonard's decision and confirmed that he has talked to all three teams in the mix. Perhaps the most interesting part of his report is that all of the teams have been told to expect a decision by later today at the earliest, and tomorrow, July 4th, at the latest.

As of right now, the Los Angeles Lakers believe they are the favorites to acquire Leonard, although that could certainly change depending on how good the Clippers and Raptors pitches were.

Stay tuned for more free agency news as we will be sure to bring it to you.