Kawhi Leonard is the biggest name left in free agency and fans are starting to get antsy as they await his decision. As of right now, it is believed that Kawhi is choosing between the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, and Toronto Raptors. There have been very few updates coming out Leonard's camp and according to Marc Stein of the New York Times, the reigning NBA Finals MVP is trying to keep it that way. This shouldn't come as too much of surprise when you consider just how private of a person the superstar has been throughout his career.


In Stein's report, he notes that the Lakers believe they are "firmly in the lead" when it comes to land Leonard and are confident he will sign there by the end of the week. What's interesting about all of this is the fact that Caesers updated their betting odds for the NBA championship and the Lakers went up from +175 to +125. Meanwhile, the Clippers dropped from +800 to +1000. It seems as though even sports betting sites think the Lakers will land the star although this doesn't really guarantee anything.


As for the Raptors, well, they are getting some help from Drake so anything is possible at this point. Regardless of where Kawhi goes, they will certainly become an instant title contender.