Kawhi Leonard is the last man standing when it comes to the biggest stars to hit the free agent market in the NBA this Summer. As of right now, it is believed that he has three teams on his mind which are the Toronto Raptors, the Los Angeles Clippers, and the Los Angeles Lakers. About a month ago, the Lakers would have been considered a longshot but as of right now, some believe they could actually be the number one contender. Meanwhile, Leonard just led the Raptors to their first ever championship so there is a chance he would want to run it back for another year or two.

Regardless of what Leonard decides, people just want him to make up his mind quickly. If you were to go on Twitter right now, it would appear as though NBA fans are in an absolute panic over where Leonard is going to sign. The hero of free agency has been ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski and every time he tweets out news, the fans are quick to remind him that his updates aren't about Kawhi. 

Leonard news is in such high demand that people are now making fake accounts just so they can trick people with some good old fake news. It's a pretty sad sight although we have gotten some pretty great memes out of it. You can check out some of the best reactions to Kawhi's indecision below.