Karrueche Tran, TV star and the former significant other to some high-profile hip-hop acts, took to Twitter earlier today to clap back at the body shamers who have come out of the woodwork to drag a swimsuit selfie that she had previously shared on social media.

The picture in question featured Karrueche in a stylish bikini, posing in an undisclosed changing room for the mirror. What first became news as a Ralo comment saying she looked better "[with] clothes on" had blown up into a full-on barrage of mean-spirited comments about Tran's appearance in the picture and whether or not parts of her were natural or not. Earlier this morning, Karrueche spoke out against the comments.

"Ya'll shame natural bodies but praise fake ones," she said. "Point is, constant judgement makes it hard for people to love and accept themselves and that's wrong [...] If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all. Keep your negative vibes to yourself." It's a strong response to an issue that unfortunately keeps cropping up for women, especially those who are well-known in the world of celebrity. Rihanna famously used a meme to respond to fat shaming Internet comments, and Karrueche takes a similar stand here. Plenty of social media users chimed in with their support for her tweets, giving her words an added bit of gravitas.