Kanye West is known for owning some luxurious and rare artifacts of clothing and art. In fact, it was reported earlier this week that the feds are requesting that Kim Kardashian forfeit a stolen Roman sculpture that Kanye West apparently gifted her. All of that to say, Kanye West has luxurious taste in things that your average person could not acquire in their lifetime.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

While Goyard bags appreciate in value, it looks like the seller of a rare 1-of-1 backpack that was once owned by Kanye West has banked upwards of $55K. Per Complex, high-fashion reseller Justin Reed just launched his latest capsule which includes items from the incredibly rare Drake x Chrome Hearts collab, as well as Kanye West's 'Robot Face' Goyard Backpack that the rap extraordinaire copped at 2010 Paris Fashion week.

"While Kanye West and his girlfriend, Amber Rose, were in Paris during the 2010 Paris Fashion Week, West picked up his 1 of 1 'Robot Face' Goyard Backpack that he designed," reads the description, along with photos of the bag. "The 1 of 1 Goyard backpack is just one of the many limited edition pieces that West has accumulated in his closet."

The item is described as being in "excellent overall" condition with a few "minor marks" inside. No word on who ended up buying the backpack but it'll certainly be worth much more in the future.