With break-up rumors constantly surrounding Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert's marriage, the couple has been through their fair share of drama. With baby Junie growing up before our eyes, Teyana and Iman look to be as connected as ever, showing off their love with an extreme display of public affection last week. With her album slated to release on June 22, Teyana is hard at work in preparation for the drop as Kanye West puts in the hours at his Wyoming studio. Having impressed everybody with her banging bod in the video to Ye's "Fade," Teyana is as famous for her looks as she is for her voice.

She has also proven to be into the luxuries of high fashion, showing up at runway shows across the world. As everybody knows, the airport is one of the most obvious places for somebody to stunt. There are bound to be photographers on the hunt for celebrities so they try their hardest to always wear their best outfits. Decked out with the finest of leather goods, Teyana donned herself "Goyard Yana" as she flexed her three different Goyard pieces. With a duffle bag, a backpack and a roller suitcase in tow, Yana's colors were clashing all over the place but she managed to pull off the risky ensemble. While her look may not seem like the biggest flex of all time, when you consider that a Goyard duffel bag can often sell for upwards of $2,000, it puts things into perspective.

The singer's new album is one of the five that were announced by Kanye West earlier this year. With Pusha T's Daytona out of the way, the remaining four projects are some of the most highly anticipated of the year.